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Practice Areas

Patents and Utility Patents:

  • Review and evaluation of our clients’ research and development in order to identify inventions which should be protected;
  • Review of software for patentability;
  • Preparation and prosecution of German patent and utility patent applications;
  • Preparation and prosecution of International patent applications (PCT);
  • Client representation in opposition proceedings and in cancellation and invalidity actions before German and European authorities;
  • Foreign patent applications in conjunction with our partner firms;
  • Client representation in patent infringement actions in conjunction with law firms experienced in patent law;
  • Drafting of license agreements;
  • Patent monitoring focused on the technical specializations of our clients or on their direct competitors.

Trademarks and Other Signs:

  • Counseling as to choice of an identifying sign, such as a trademark or company name;
  • Completion and evaluation of trademark searches, company name searches and domain name searches;
  • Filing of German trademark applications, European Union trademark applications and International trademark applications, including client representation throughout the entire registration process;
  • Foreign trademark applications in conjunction with our partner law firms;
  • Assistance in infringement disputes involving trademarks and company names as well as in disputes over domain names;
  • Client representation in trademark opposition proceedings and trademark cancellation proceedings;
  • Drafting of trademark license agreements.

Design Patents:

  • Preparation and prosecution of German, European, and International design patents;
  • Assistance in design patent infringement disputes;
  • Drafting of design patent license agreements.