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Client Counseling

For more than fifty years we have advised internationally successful businesses, both foreign and domestic, over the entire range of intellectual property law. Our clients come, in particular, from the fields of mechanical engineering, installation engineering, textiles technology, construction, propulsion technology, telecommunications, optics, computer software development and Internet applications.

We tailor our legal strategies to fit the individual needs of our respective clients. Specifically, we develop and maintain our clients’ portfolios of intellectual property rights, draft license agreements, and defend clients’ intellectual property from attack or infringement in Germany and abroad.

In order to assist us in coordinating proceedings occurring outside of Germany, we have developed contacts with a world wide network of law firms. Our close working relationship with our international partners ensures timely and satisfactory protection of our clients’ intellectual property interests worldwide.

Our close proximity to the German court most experienced in patent infringement matters (located in Düsseldorf), as well as to one of the leading German courts for competition law (located in Cologne), enables us to resolve our clients’ intellectual property related disputes quickly. We are even able to get a preliminary injunction within a few days in emergency cases.